Corporate Teams

Touch Rugby is an amazing game played by thousands of men and women across London. Touch Rugby, or Touch. is an all-inclusive sport that anyone of any ability, gender and age can enjoy in as little as one afternoon. In2Touch London provide various opportunities for individuals, teams and companies to get involved. These can be from the Free Sessions to the Touch Leagues and events.

Download this A4 poster to display in the office kitchen, pin up on the news board or staff room to help build interest for any of the leagues, events or sessions.

Please email london@in2touch.com for further information and any questions you may have.

In2Touch Leagues

Over the past 20 years in the UK, In2Touch have seen the huge benefits touch can have on a single player or a team of colleagues.

An active lifestyle is vital to keeping mentally and physically healthy. If you are looking to promote socialising amongst colleagues and want the office to be living a healthy active lifestyle, then Touch rugby is perfect for your corporate and office teams.

Just sign up for one of the weekly organised leagues across London to take part. You can then enjoy a drink with the team and your opposition, after the full 40-minute game, once a week after work (or even more than once a week like many other individuals and teams)

The In2Touch philosophy is about bringing companies and people together in a relaxed, friendly environment for some fun, social fitness.

Every league is run and monitored by an experienced venue manager and knowledgeable referees, who are there to help you learn about Touch and make sure you enjoy the experience and keep you coming back for more.

For full details of each league, please click on the relevant league you would like to play at, head on over to our FAQ’s page or email london@in2touch.com, and we will happily answer any questions you may have and assist you in any way we can.

All upcoming Leagues & Sessions

Free Taster and Training Sessions

Join us at any one or more of the taster sessions and see why we love Touch rugby, whether it’s at one of the public sessions or if you’d like to arrange a private session for your company before committing to a weekly league.
It’s the perfect way to get a team together from the office.

A group of 12 or more, sports appropriate clothing and trainers is all that is needed. We at In2Touch will gladly arrange a session over lunch or after work.

Email london@in2touch.com for more information, to attended or organise a private one for the office.