Barnes/Chiswick League is in full swing!

Barnes/Chiswick League Update

We have had a great start to 2023! With leagues running all through winter and into early spring.

A popular one is our Barnes/Chiswick League that is played at Chiswick RFC. The Early Spring League, which has been running since 13/02 has finals scheduled for 03/04.

Division A has been very competitive this season with the top 2 teams; Holes and Poles and Triple Threat, tied at 13 points. Green and Gold MX is hot on their heels with 8 points.

There is an obvious front runner in Division B with London Vipers -1 on 20 points. Croner – I, on 13 points is the team trying to challenge them for that gold medal.

The next 4 weeks are sure to be an exciting time on this touch pitch, we can’t wait to see how they unfold!

You can find the pictures & standings here.

The In2Touch team