Barnes/Chiswick Monday league starts 3 October 2022

Registration is OPEN

Register a team, join with a small group of friends, or sign up as an individual to the Barnes/Chiswick Monday 8-week Autumn league.

Whether you are a complete beginner or have played for a couple of seasons, all are welcome to play. Click here to register a team or as an individual.

Available leagues

  • Mixed


  • Games start between 19:00 and 20:20 with each team playing at least one 40-minute game each week.



  • £595 per team
  • Or £65 one off fee, if signing up as an individual. Sign up with a group of people, each person will be setup to pay the registration fee.

Team composition

  • The recommended squad size can start from 6 players and there is no maximum. There are 4 players playing on the court from each team and rolling subs can take place at any time during the match.
  • For mixed only league, our advice is that teams have anywhere from 3-5 women in their squad.

Click here to register a team or as an individual for our Barnes/Chiswick Monday League. 

N.B – if signing up with a group of people. Each person is to register as an individual. Then get in touch with the office to tell us that you’d like you and your friends to be placed into the same team.