Discounts – Annual and Seasonal for Teams and Individuals

We appreciate how many teams and players come back each year and for multiple seasons. To thank you, here are several discounts available to all qualifying In 2 Touch teams and individuals.

Seasonal (*up to £150 off)

Spring & Summer Discounts
Suppose you sign up to the Spring and Summer 2021 leagues and pay the full Spring fee plus the Summer deposit by the 11th of April 2022. You will get a £100 discount off your remaining Summer amount. However, you must pay the remaining fees before the summer season begins, or your team will lose that discount.

Spring & Summer Loyalty Discounts
If you have played in consecutive Spring and Summer leagues for the past three years, you will qualify for the Spring & Summer Loyalty Discounts of £50. Due to Covid 19, this will be from 2019. So, for example, if your team played both seasons in 2018, 2019 & 2021, you will qualify.

Summer Discount
Suppose your team has played in the Spring 2021 leagues and didn’t receive the Spring & Summer Early Payment Discount (£100) and sign up to the Summer 2021 leagues. You will get a £50 refund once the full Summer fee has been paid. The deadline for this discount is the 13th of June 2022. Please email london@in2touch.com for the refund as this is not done automatically.


University/College Discount – £50 off per team per season where at least 50% of the team’s members register with unique university or college email addresses.

Player Referral Discount – £5 off your Individual Player Registration Fee for every *NEW PLAYER that signs up and plays with you. Register for your preferred league, send us an email with your friends’ full names and details, ask for the “Player Referral Discount”, and we will sort out the rest!

*NEW PLAYER – a person who has previously not played in any In2Touch (O2Touch) league and does not have an online account with In2Touch.

Email london@in2touch.com if you have any questions.