Clapham Common Spring mid-season standings




It’s been an exciting few weeks at In2Touch with the start of our busy season and getting our Spring leagues up and running! It’s brilliant to see teams out there and enjoying the improved London weather. 



We’ve had 7 leagues start in London over the past 4 weeks plus our leagues up North in Newcastle – Whitley Bay and Edinburgh. The current seasons’ standings are to follow!

Clapham Common 

Monday : mens & mixed
Tuesday : mixed

Wednesday : mixed 

Thursday : mixed                                                            Saturday : mixed

If you’re interested in keeping up-to-date with your teams standings for the rest of the season – you can view the seasons fixtures and standings here

A note on our new Perky Nel deal :

We understand that time socialising off the pitch is just as important to teams as their time on the pitch which is why we partner with social venues near our leagues. 

Our partner venue for the Clapham Common leagues is none other than The Perky Nel! It is a great venue to grab some post-match pints and chat all things touch with your teammates! 

The Perky Nel also provide all In2Touch teams a free bowl of chips when someone buys a drink and presents their In2Touch voucher. We hope this new deal will drive teams to this venue as it’s always a buzzing atmosphere when multiple teams go.