Mid-season standings for Wandsworth Spring League


The In2Touch Wandsworth Spring league is well underway & it’s great to see teams out there again!

We have 47 teams participating over the 3 evenings (Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday) in mixed, mens and women’s leagues!

It is the 1st social women’s league we’re running at this venue and with 4 teams currently registered, we are really looking forward to its continued growth.

Touch is notorious for being a sport where mixed teams can thrive at both a social and competitive level. In2Touch is trying to encourage more women to get involved in the sport and as such, we are hoping to see this league take-off!


Current league standings : below are the league standings 4 weeks into the league.

*Please note : some leagues are uneven and therefore there is a friendly scheduled each week. This is why some teams appear to have fewer games contributing to standings at this current point. This discrepancy will balance out between teams at the end of the season once everyone has played their friendly.

If you wish to remain up-to-date with your teams position, you can view the rest of the seasons fixtures and standings here.