A few things you should know about In 2 Touch. What to wear, how to find us – it’s all in here.


Where in England can I play with In 2 Touch?

How long is the season?

Do we need to play every night of the week?

Does each venue play on every night of the week?

How do I register my team?

How many people in a team?

Can I register as an individual player?

How much is it to enter?

Does my registration fee include playing shirts?

How do League Divisions work and how many teams play in them?

If I cancel my registration can I get my deposit back?

How do I make payment?

Is there a penalty for not having team shirts?

Are there any hidden costs?

When do registrations open?

What sort of shoes do we wear?

How long are the games and what time do we play?

What happens in London at the beginning of Spring Season and the end of Summer Season when there is less daylight?

What happens if we can’t play one evening due to other commitments?

Do I have to put all team members’ details into my team registration when I register?

How do I know what time my team is playing each week?

Does each venue have mixed and men’s competitions?

Is there a women’s only competition?

If I haven’t played before am I able to come down and just watch?

Do you only play over the summer months?

How far can I go with Touch?