Female Bonus Point

Mixed teams can earn an extra overall season point per (round/pool) game they play.

After trialling this system over the past few seasons, we have seen both the women and their team benefit from utilising this system. Believing this is a positive move towards more women playing the game and being more involved during each game. That is why this Female Bonus Point is offered at all In2Touch London Mixed Leagues.

How does it work: 

A mixed team can earn half (1/2) a bonus point if they play with three (3) or more ladies for the entire first half and an additional half (1/2) a bonus point if they play with three (3) or more ladies for the entirety of the second half. This means that a team could receive one (1) whole bonus point per match they play with a minimum of three ladies on the field for the entire game, during the round-robin stages of the season.

Bonus Points will count towards the team’s overall season points total.
In a semi-final or final, if a team plays in a final with 3 or more ladies for the entire game, and at the end of the game the scores are tied. The team playing with 3 or more ladies will win the game.
If you play with 3 or more ladies and lose the semi-final or final, this result stands and the game is won by the other team.
In the case of not having enough time to play a drop off: If both teams in a semi-final or final play with 3 or more ladies and the scores are tied, the team that finished higher in the league will be made the overall winner.

Utilising this Bonus Point System is entirely up to your team. These bonus points can go a long way towards a team’s overall points tally, potentially helping the team get to the top and playing in the semi-final and final of the division.

However, please remember that all mixed leagues must always have a minimum of two (2) ladies on the field.