In2Touch on Social Media – where to find us

In2Touch is active on social media : Facebook and Instagram

Easiest place to find latest news, league information, upcoming events and fixture updates!


In2Touch recognises the ease of getting information via social media. We appreciate the community we have built in person, on the field,  and actively work on translating this onto our online platforms.

Our social media pages are places for players/teams to easily view league and event announcements as well as connect with fellow touch players!


You can find us on;


    Facebook – here

Instagram – here

Facebook group


We also have a Facebook Group called “In 2 Touch Rugby London”. It is intended for teams to easily find individuals willing to fill in for them on the days where they struggle to make up numbers. This Facebook group is your one-stop-shop to finding ringers and ensure you’re able to make up a team on a weekly basis. It is  open for anyone to join !


The In2Touch team