New referees wanted for social leagues

There are opportunities for you to join our team of Touch referees. We here at In 2 Touch are always on the lookout for more referees at our O2 Touch leagues.
Refereeing Touch Rugby is a great way to get fit, stay involved and have plenty of fun. We can be flexible around your work or playing commitments. You have the opportunity to referee from as little as one game per week up to seven days per week. If weekday evenings are not suitable for you or you want to referee some additional games, we also need referees for our one-day tournaments.
Regardless of age, ability, gender or affiliation, we welcome all players and even RFL/RFU referees to join our team of beginner and experienced referees.

Benefits of becoming a Touch Referee

• DEVELOP SKILLS. It’s a great way to develop leadership skills and confidence
• GET BETTER AT TOUCH. It helps improve your Touch game because you’ll develop a better understanding of the sport
• MEET PEOPLE. You’ll become part of a great community and make new friends
• ENJOY NIGHTS OUT each year with all the referees
• OPPORTUNITIES. Ref at larger events and national/international tournaments
• CHALLENGE YOURSELF to something new
• EARN SOME MONEY. It’s a great way to make extra cash at social touch leagues and competitions. * Financial bonuses are also awarded
Players who have taken up Touch refereeing have seen an improvement in their understanding of Touch and say that this improved their own game.
Additionally, a few of our ref’s have gone on and refereed at other one day social events, plus regional, national and international tournaments.

Where to begin

• Shadow one of our current referees for a game or two
• Ref one of the lower grade social games
• Attended an Intro to Touch Refereeing session
• Attend an official Referee Course
• Ultimately, starting to ref at a social league is the perfect place.

Additional information

• Leagues run throughout London, with the majority of leagues taking place over spring and summer
• Our leagues are similar to 5-a-side football, i.e., each league takes place on a particular day of the week with all games are played at that venue. Players and teams sign up for the whole season, and each team plays one game per week.
• O2 Touch is played on a pitch half the size of a regular rugby pitch
• Games are run year-round in local parks and clubs
• Running mainly on weekday evenings, generally from 6:20 pm or later, with some weekend leagues.
• Games are 40-minute long, where you can typically ref 2-4 games on a night in a row or ref around your team’s game.
• Whether you ref 1 game a month, 20 games or more. Each referee is paid per game the officiate. Referees can earn anywhere from £100 to a couple hundred pounds a month, along with bonuses at the end of each season.
Whatever your motivation is for refereeing, all referees are well trained, and well looked after. We understand that high-quality referees are a vital part of the O2 Touch experience.
Have a question or would like to find out more on how to join us as a referee. Get in Touch with Rose at london@in2touch.com.