The England Touch Association (ETA) and In2Touch announce 3-year strategic partnership

We are proud to announce our official partnership with The England Touch Association (ETA).
Exciting things are happening in the world of Touch Rugby. This 3-year strategic partnership aims to further promote the sport and develop all aspects of the game.


The ETA is the national governing body for Touch Rugby in England, recognised by the Federation of International Touch. This partnership will see In2Touch become the ETA’s preferred touch league and corporate event activity provider, both areas in which In2Touch have been specialising in for years.

Additionally, In2Touch will promote the ETA’s National Touch Series, coaching and refereeing courses as well as highlight the benefits of an ETA membership to In2Touch players and teams.

Key areas have been identified in order to work towards greater long-term sustainability for this volunteer sport. These include encouragement and development of referees, volunteers and administrators. The partnership will also aim to address these areas.

The ETA and In2Touch are committed to providing more opportunities for people to get involved across the country. The two organisations aim to create new leagues in areas where organised touch isn’t currently available. Moreover, we believe that in growing access to organised social touch leagues across the UK, the step into the competitive National Touch Series will become more accessible.

Altogether, the partnership serves to promote touch rugby and increase accessibility across the country.


An ETA membership offers players, coaches, referees and medics with a range of benefits. Find out more here!


In2Touch look forward to working with The ETA and the opportunities that lie ahead to grow the sport.